Rocking SWEET AMERIKA Premiere!

Bollywood Banquet Hall in Surrey, Canada was rocking when well known producer Bobby Nagra and his partner R. Paul Dhillon, the co-writer/ co-producer/director of SWEET AMERIKA, hosted a fabulous bash to celebrate the launch of their much anticipated film, which opened in theatres across Canada on September 19, 2008.

The official inauguration of the film was performed by Bobby Nagra, R. Paul Dhillon and Dhillon’s father-in-law Nirbhai Singh Grewal. The party brought out a diverse crowd which included people from the mainstream and Indo-Canadian business community, media, actors, singers, dancers and dear friends of the producers. A great time was had by all and many party-goers concluded that it was the party of the year!

The film has received tremendous response from audiences as well as critics from Canada’s top regional and national newspapers. Here are what Canada’s top national critics are saying about Sweet Amerika:“[Director R. Paul] Dhillon does a great job slicing through language, prejudice, racial stereotyping and outward appearances to get to the emotional heart of the matter and illustrate what hate looks like,” wrote Katherine Monk – Canwest News Service’s National Movie Critic.

In her national review of Sweet Amerika, which appeared in Canwest’s western papers – The Vancouver Sun and Province – Monk further wrote: “The central performers, led by a brilliant turn from Gulshan Grover as Bobby, create enough believable moments to carry the movie…

“All the same, for a small film to attempt so much with so little, Sweet Amerika makes a big impression. Best of all, its central message of love and tolerance comes through with flying colours.” MY TELUS’s top national movie critic John TD Keyes had this to say about Sweet Amerika: “Dhillon wraps a six-pack of important messages into one movie and doesn't come off as a touch-feely pedant while doing it, which is quite an achievement.”