MMM Films offers a unique opportunity to corporations and businesses to become major sponsors of our productions through mutually beneficial promotions of their products and services. We offer product placements in our productions, direct sponsorships of productions through co-presentation with MMM Films as well as full commercial spots (30 seconds) in our company’s various DVD releases. The sponsorship package for MMM Films’ productions begins at $10,000. We will work with individual businesses to tailor the sponsorship package to their needs and budgets. We hope to provide a full bang for their sponsorship buck through our multi-pronged marketing strategy that involves traditional and social media marketing. We want our sponsors to benefit from the increased exposure of our films and here are some of the ways we hope that will be able to maximize their investment.

*The Sponsor's picture and name or their company name and logo will appear in all hard copy promotional materials, including a special glossy brochure that will commemorate the making of the film, which will be distributed as promotional material to the media and the general public.

*The Sponsor will get multiple passes for them and their clients to be special guests at an exclusive premier and party for the film. They will also have opportunities to co-present the premier, depending on their level of sponsorship.

*The Sponsor will receive special DVD copies of the finished film, which can used to gift clients and employees.

*The Sponsor will get a 30 second commercial spot in the DVD release of our films. This will depend on the package they choose and the amount they sponsor.

*The Sponsor’s Logo will be permanently placed on our website among our group of loyal dedicated sponsors.

For full details on the sponsorship, please contact R. Paul Dhillon at 604-880-3463 or email at or